Chocolate Chip Cookie
Welcome to the little blog from Caro and Chris. We are two friends from Germany and have much fun by creating stuff for Sims homes. We hope you'll find some things you like.....if you're looking for Christins houses you'll find them at DOMICILE*2*


IWLL foto frames 35&36

yeahhh lets have some more......

you'll find the whole set here
master meshes are included

these requires IKEA EP

Ohbehave pillows - forest life

I like deers....I wish I could 
have all these in RL

meshes are included 
entire set here
credits and thanks goes 
to Ohbehave

Roll on

 this was our Inspiration
the white brick wall from
 HS is included


in feaver with bags

Viktoria converted some wonderful 
new bags. Chris show me some 
of her recolors as I visited her
 last Wendsday  and now I'm 
addicted with creating some 
new bags

all credits goes to the creators
the mesh is included
you'll find the set here

Hay Tote Bag

 Hitomi Bag



I started this project months ago 
and as always it got bigger and
 bigger so I split it into 3 parts

 part 1
 recolors of some towelholder, 
wire chair, bathroom deco and 
a mirror
meshes from Angela, Sasi, Steffor, Moxxa(mio) and NANU are included
 recolors of some candles, a table, 
deer shelfs, deco cross, advent balls,
 crate, celling lamp and cushions
meshes from billyjean, ohbehave,
 AnYe, Kacicka(pavli) and 
MysticRain are included
recolors of headboards, deco plates, 
tables (I forgot to made a pic so its your surprise) and some walls
meshes from AnYe, Hannie18 and 
Jope are included


NANU mao sidetable part2 & mao chair

some wooden recolors + 1black and 
1white of the sidetable and the chair
 (I forgot to put the black and white
 sidetable in the recolor preview)

the meshes are included 
all credits goes to NANU

IWLL foto frames 33&34

some nice motives I've found 
in a living newspaper

you'll find the whole set here
Master meshes are included

these requires IKEA EP

Into the wood

you'll find some baseboard overlays here


evan's 3to2 cluit armchair

I'm in chair fever....

the mesh is included
 all credits goes
 to evanesco and Murano 
the whole set+a slaved 
loveseat is here

Ohbehave pillows - scandinavian style

I'm so in love with this style
 at the moment 

meshes are included 
entire set here
all thanks goes to Kim

Feenwald decoboxes Scandinavian

sorry I couldn't stop myself....
inspired from Scandinavian style

grab the meshes here
all Thanks goes to Julsfels